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No. 18, Wentai Rd., Beinan Township, Taitung County 954, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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The range of Chu Lu Leisure Agriculture Area contains the area starting from Taitung’s urban district through the East Rift Valley (Route 9), and ending at Guangshan, totaling 595 hectares (approximately 1471 acres). The major crops planted in the area include custard apples, loquats, plums, tea and coffee. The unique tourist attractions in the Area include “Qu He Liquor Village; Formosan Masked Civet Coffee; Custard Apple - tea desserts & ice cream specialty store; Jia Fang Organic Tea Garden; ADISI Pottery; etc.” “Chulu Ranch”, which is the most well-known tourist destination, is also located in the Area. Tourists can enjoy the fun of watching cows grazing in the wide open pasture at the Ranch, after which they can continue on with a visit to Yuan Sen Applied Botanical Garden, which is located next to the Chulu Ranch. At the Garden they can enjoy observing and savoring more than 300 varieties of medicinal herbs, and can also participate in the many enriching and fun activities that the Botanical Garden holds in collaboration with local farmers in order for tourists to experience the fun of farm living. In addition, the CLLAA member farmers offer a variety of innovative activities and local tours that feature local specialty products as the main theme. These activities integrate concepts of health, leisure, knowledge, and fun, allowing tourists to enjoy all kinds of novel experiences.

The Chu Lu Leisure Agriculture Area is located close to Taitung’s city center, and the area is not only conveniently accessed, it also boasts spectacular stunning mountains and gorgeous rivers and streams. The area also produces a bounty of naturally-grown crops and related agricultural products. We, CLLAA, sincerely welcome you to experience the happiness of slow country living with our local farmers.

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You can find a group of professional farmers here who make a mighty impact in our community. We treat our environment friendly and produce organic and seasonal fruit and vegetables, teas, and coffee, homemade handicrafts etc.

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