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No. 18, Wentai Rd., Beinan Township, Taitung County 954, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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089-570577   0983-566401
+886 89-570577   +886 983-566401

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Houshan Farm is located in Taitung with its beautiful mountains, clean water, and zero-pollution environment, and is presently run by Mr. Xiangjie Chen, who is the third generation of the family farm.  After taking over the farm, the young farmer replaced the custard apples and betel peppers originally planted by his father with dragon fruits and lemons.  The lemon trees on the farm are Eureka lemons, which have seeds.  Mr. Chen cultivates his crops without the use of pesticides and herbicides, and as a result the taste of his lemons and dragon fruits are different from that of those sold in the market.  His lemons have a refreshing fragrance and the sour taste is not unbearably strong, and the dragon fruits are fragrant and sweet but not overwhelmingly sweet.  In order to protect the land and do the least possible harm to the earth, Mr. Chen’s farm management primarily uses sod cultivation, thus maintaining the natural ecosystem of the farm, allowing the land to produce the greatest amount of the most natural crop.  Mr. Chen said: “We cannot guarantee that every shipment of our produce is completely free from pesticide residues being detected, but we can guarantee that all the produce grown on our farm is absolutely safe and in accord with national regulations and standards.”