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No. 18, Wentai Rd., Beinan Township, Taitung County 954, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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Welcome to Formosan Masked Civet Coffee where you can enjoy a cup of good coffee produced with eco-friendliness and gratitude for the earth. 


Longguimai, where Formosan Masked Civet Coffee is located, was formerly the bottom of a large lake and thus has been a heaven for waterfowl and various wildlife.  Despite the great changes wrought by time’s inexorable passing, the “Longguomai” region still retains the finest ecological environment.  The Formosan Masked Civet Coffee farmland covers an area of nearly 4 hectares on a 60,000-square-hectare land that is located along Route 9.  The land is within a natural preservation zone governed by the Forestry Bureau of Taiwan’s Council of Agriculture, which falls under the jurisdiction of the Executive Yuan.


In 2001, our farm was recognized as a MOA* certified farm using natural farming standards, and also received the Double Certification emblems (CAS & MOA)** that guarantee the safety and quality of our products.  Our Masked Civets can freely enjoy coffee cherries and organic vegetables raised in the farm’s pristine ecological environment.  With resources from the SBIR*** program subsidized by Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs, and with the help of high-tech production techniques offered by Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institution, we produce roasted coffee beans with a special flavor from coffee beans that have been digested by the farm’s Masked Civets.


We look forward to sharing with you the fine products bestowed by this land, and also invite you to work together with us to safeguard this land’s natural environment so as to help the forest provide a home for waterfowl and coffee.  We will joyfully share with you the good harvest produced on this land brimming with vitality.


*: MOA stands for Mokichi Okada International Association.  MOA is an organization aimed at promoting eco-friendly farming and is also the first nongovernmental organization licensed by the Taiwan government to accredit growers according to the national organic criteria.

**: CAS certificate emblem signifies products that are produced in Taiwan and is issued by Taiwan’s Council of Agriculture.  MOA certification emblem signifies the organic certification.

*** : SBIR is an acronym for Small Business Innovation Research.


※ Special products and fun DIY activities offered at Formosan Masked Civet Coffee.


Deep-Ocean-Water-Processed coffee (beans), Masked Civet coffee (beans), DIY coffee-scented sachets, and opportunities to observe masked civets.