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Since childhood I had always been puzzled by a question.  Why?  Why was there always some Patchouli planted in front of the entrance to the house?  Afterwards, grandma told me: “My dear, these are life-saving herbs!”

They worked wonders curing earaches, knife cuts, and sore throat.  After I grew up and could afford to open a workshop, I used Patchouli as the name of the workshop.

I insist on producing all natural handmade soaps that will not burden one’s health, and that bring out the essence of the herbs in the most natural way.  I believe that only simple, easy and clean products can safeguard health and also protect our environment.  So let handmade herbal essence products that protect your health at all times make your life at home as good as it can be!


※ Special products and fun DIY activities offered by Patchouli Hand Work Shop:

Brief lessons on DIY soaps, body lotions, and mosquito-repellent lotions; Introduction to herbs and flowers.